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Whoa Nelly, flip the mini!

So, I was fortunate enough to accompany the band to St. Petersburg and Dunedin a couple weekends back for two shows in the area. The trip down was a little different than what I was used to. Normally I would take the major highways (I-10, 75, etc), but we went a more direct way. Don’t ask me to name which roads we took, I really didn’t pay attention. I know there were a lot of tolls, and we passed through many a smallish town. Once we got to Dunedin, we had a fun time trying to find the place they were playing at. Here’s a little taste of what it was like trying to make our way around some back roads.

In case you can’t tell, Sarah’s “whoa nelly” exclamation was in response to Charlie taking a curve a *bit* too fast.

Anyways, the Dunedin Brewery was a reasonably cool place, but too small for how many people they had crammed in there. I don’t have any good video from there, mostly due to the fact that I was manning the merchandise table. The band seemed to think that it was their worst performance ever, but the crowd still liked them.

A bonus for me on this trip was that I got to see my good friend Jaimee. We all stayed at her and her husband Mike’s house for a couple days. Of course, we didn’t get to their house until after 2am after the Friday night gig, but that’s life on the road…apparently.

The thing about traveling for gigs is that you have to kill time during the day before the gig in the evening. So, Saturday was spent first watching The Office (UK version) and Extras, then going to Jaimee and Mike’s church and playing ping pong, pool, air hockey, and fuse ball. I was scolded, rightfully so, for not having my camera handy to film all of that fun, so alas, I can’t provide any video of all those assorted hi-jincks.

Now, on to the Prostar Soundstage show. This place was cool. They were really nice to the band, and myself, and provided snacks and beverages in the green room. Yup, they had a green room! Being a recording studio in addition to having a little stage for performances, they really know how to set up sound there. I think the real trick is having a whole bunch of small trampolines affixed to the ceiling. At least, they looked like trampolines. If gravity had reversed itself momentarily (or if I’d suddenly been in a Lionel Richie video) while I was there, I could have tested them out by jumping on them, but that didn’t happen, so I’m left to just assume they were, in fact, trampolines. My favorite moment from the evening was the band’s rendition of Summertime. I, being uncultured, know very little about opera, so I had no idea how this song was originally written to sound, but I do know that it sounds very good when it’s coming out of the person in the video below.

The sad thing about the Prostar gig being at such a cool place with such great sound is that there were only about 10-15 people there, and some of them either worked at the place or were other artists that played before the SMB. Still, it was a cool place, and I know I personally would enjoy going back there, even just as a spectator.

After that show, we had dinner at…Village Inn…? I think. One of those kinds of places anyways. Jaimee almost had her drink spilled on her (she’s a quick one and avoided the spillage) and got a free piece of pie because of it. Charlie told funny stories from college (we’ll always remember “Sticks”) and we all had a good laugh before heading back to Jaimee and Mike’s once more past 2:00a.m.

Sunday, we got up, said our goodbyes, and headed home. I don’t think anything really eventful happened on the way back, so…I’ll just say:



It’s been a while…

I never did do a blog about the show at the Warehouse a while back. I guess not too much happened that was blog worthy. Though, I did manage to film Charlie doing his own version of I Can’t Change during the sound check.

And for those that couldn’t make it, here’s the band performing Possum Song…or is it Opossum Song…? Or Possum’s Song…? I’m not sure, but I know I like it. I think the little lights everywhere gave my camera fits as far as the focus was concerned.