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Springtime Tallahassee 2008

I quote the famous poet J. John Jonah Johnson, “Oh bright sun, what have you done? You’ve burned my face, from way out in space.”

This completely fabricated poem and poet were particularly relevant this weekend as the Sarah Mac Band performed at the 2008 version of Springtime Tallahassee. That is to say, it was hot out there, and I got sunburned.

It’s been a while since I’ve posted here. What can I say, I’m lazy. But, I thought I’d share a little about how things work at Springtime Tallahassee shows, with a short visual aide included.

First of all, the band gets a very special VIP pass which gets them past the police barricades and as close as possible to the stage. In previous years, we were able to basically drive right up beside the stage and unload all of the equipment. However, this year, we could only go so far, then we were greeted by someone I believe they referred to as a “gater”. I just referred to them as “guys in those golf cart thingies”.

It took a few trips, but we got all of the equipment moved up to the stage. Below you will see a short, but thrilling, video of Charlie and Keli, along with some of the SMB equipment, driving away in the golf cart thingy.

I got to take a ride on the golf cart thingy on the next trip, but I neglected to film any of it. But trust me, it was equally thrilling.

After we got all of the equipment gathered next to the stage, we had about an hour wait before the band actually played. I spent a good portion of this time mildly guarding the equipment from theft. I also took this time to slowly turn a sort of lobster red. Note to self: sunscreen.

The gig went well, the band sounded good, and the fans enjoyed themselves. (see dancing below)

After the show, we had to do the whole golf cart thingy process again to get the equipment back to the van. I didn’t get to take a ride that time though.

Well that’s about it for this show, but I’m going to try to get back to writing in here more often. Plus, I hope to post video clips from the recording studio, taken when the band was recording their upcoming full length album.